Oxycodone Abuse Statistics

Oxycodone Abuse Statistics

Oxycodone Abuse

One of the most important Oxycodone Abuse Statistics is that Oxycodone is a prescription drug that is one of the most abused in the entire United States. This is due to the fact that this drug is highly addictive since it belongs to the opiates group. Drugs that belong to this group, like heroin for instance, are very addictive. Most of the abusers start using the drug normally as prescribed to them by the doctor, but they eventually drift from use to abuse. This can also be attributed to the fact that Oxycodone makes a user develop tolerance to it very quickly which is only in a matter of few weeks in many cases.

Another of the surprising Oxycodone Abuse Statistics is that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) released a report recently that approximately 1.9 million people in the United States have taken this drug, at one point or another, in illicit ways. This drug gives the abuser a euphoric feeling which as a result lessens anxiety. Oxycodone Abuse Statistics say this is the main reason that many people abuse this drug so that they can get to experience the high that it gives. In addition to this, the ease in availability of the drug has also led to more people abusing it, especially teenagers.

This drug has numerous side effects that are associated to its abuse. Oxycodone can lead to very severe consequences when used in a manner that is not prescribed by a doctor. These consequences usually include: physical, social, financial and mental consequences. Studies also reveal that these consequences affect all Americans since the government usually incurs a lot of cost as a result of the habit, which everyone pays for.

As a matter of fact, abuse & addiction of this drug usually costs tax payers approximately $484 billion each year, another of the eye opening Oxycodone Abuse Statistics. This is a figure that is inclusive of traffic accidents, healthcare costs, & lost wages and of course the costs for the particular criminal justice system involved.

Another statistic of Oxycodone abuse reveals that addiction among teenagers is on a very steady rise. This has seen many emergency situations and even deaths that have been reported with regards to teenagers abusing this drug recently. One of the more scary Oxycodone Abuse Statistics is that approximately one out of every 20 students that are in high school has admitted to abusing the drug.

Oxycodone AbuseAnother of the Oxycodone Abuse Statistics reveals that approximately 10% to 22% of all the car crashes that occur in the United States are as a result of drivers who are driving under the influence of drugs. This is according to a report that was released recently by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It goes without saying that a substantial amount of them are usually on Oxycodone or a combination of it with alcohol or other drugs.

Oxycodone Abuse Statistics also reveal that approximately 50 percent of people who are arrested for different types of crime are often found while under the influence of one type of drug or a combination. Due to these reasons, many states have now introduced new laws which will regulate the usage of prescription drugs as a whole. This involves placing bans on internet sites that sell the drugs and monitoring prescriptions.

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