Oxycodone Abuse Symptoms

Oxycodone Abuse Symptoms

Oxycodone Abuse

Oxycodone is a prescription drug that is mostly used to moderate severe pain and it belongs to the group of narcotics called opiates. The drugs that belong to this group are normally highly addictive, like heroine for instance. According to a report that was released in the year 2008 by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, this drug is the most abused prescription drug in the entire United States, and there are certain Oxycodone abuse symptoms that you can look for, which we will cover shortly.

In addition to this, the survey also revealed that the number of people aged 12 and above, that abuse the drug was 478,000, and that number was steadily rising. Some of the people who abuse this drug have the misguided notion that since it is a legal prescription drug, then everything is okay. However, this is a very erroneous judgment due to the fact that this drug has numerous harmful side effects that are experienced when taken without a prescription from a doctor.

As a matter of fact, getting addicted to this drug and becoming dependant on it as a result is very easy. It only takes a matter of a few weeks before the abuser is totally dependent on the drug, so you need to catch Oxycodone abuse symptoms early.

There are numerous Oxycodone abuse symptoms that will be able to tell you whether a person is struggling with Oxycodone abuse or not. The first thing that can be an automatic give away is slow or even shallow breathing. People that are abusing this drug will normally have breathing patterns that are different from other normal people.

In some instances of overdose, an abuser can easily fall into coma or even death since their breathing will be slowed indefinitely. Another one of the Oxycodone abuse symptoms is clumsiness that is normally caused by dizziness. This is due to the fact that this drug usually causes the blood pressure to drop which is why abusers will feel dizzy.

In addition to this, another of the Oxycodone abuse symptoms is that you may observe that the person has a very slow coordination since the drug has slowed the normal operation of the central nervous system. People who abuse this drug usually appear to be confused and their general attitude is mostly care free. Confusions normally occur because this drug leaves them with a certain degree of mentally incapability.

Oxycodone is a very strong prescription medication and abusers normally get the experience of the extreme strength that it possesses. As a result, Oxycodone abuse symptoms are usually noticable because abusers of this drug are often very tired all the time, have relatively slower reactions and they feel sleepy around the clock.

Oxycodone AbuseAbusers of the drug often have small pupils and skin which is clammy & cold.

In addition to this, when you detect that your loved one is vomiting and feels sick like a person who is under the influence of alcohol, then Oxycodone may be responsible. This is because the drug stimulates the area in the brain that is responsible for these feelings. Oxycodone is a drug that has a high potential for addiction and as such people need to put more effort so that they can be well educated about them. This is why again, it’s important to catch Oxycodone abuse symptoms as early as possible.

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