Oxycodone Abuse Withdrawal

Oxycodone Abuse Withdrawal

Oxycodone Abuse

This is a prescription drug that is normally used for moderating severe pain and it belongs to the opiates group. This means that Oxycodone is relatively addictive since all of the drugs that are usually found in this group are like heroine for instance. Many people find themselves slipping from the prescribed use of this drug into abuse. This is due to the fact that this drug develops a tolerance in the person in a matter of just a few weeks.

Normally, the abusers of this drug continue using it even after the pain that it was prescribed for has been moderated successfully, which can lead to Oxycodone abuse withdrawal when it’s not taken. The normal way that this drug is administered is in its whole pill form. This is so that it can be absorbed into the body slowly since it is usually coated specifically for this purpose. On the other hand, abusers usually crush it then snort it or even melt it then inject it into the body – which also heightens Oxycodone abuse withdrawal.

These methods are preferred by abusers mainly because they cause the drug to provide a very high euphoric feeling which is what the abusers want to experience. However, these methods have very serious consequences since the drug has extreme side effects when administered this way – as we mentioned one of them being a higher type of Oxycodone abuse withdrawal. When tolerance has already been developed, you will be able to see some withdrawal symptoms when an abuser has not yet taken the drug.

In general, all types of medicine normally cause withdrawal symptoms when the use is stopped abruptly after a very long period of time; this is also true for Oxycodone. Oxycodone abuse withdrawal is pretty much always very unpleasant for the particular person in question, but fatalities have never been reported as one of the symptoms of Oxycodone abuse withdrawal, fortunately. There are numerous symptoms that you will be able to notice from a loved one who is suffering from Oxycodone abuse withdrawal.

The symptoms however vary in intensity in different patients depending on the degree of abuse and addiction. Normally, you will find out that someone going through Oxycodone abuse withdrawal normally sweats a lot, gets the chills frequently, gets abdominal cramps, and has feelings of insomnia & nausea while others experience sudden loss of appetite.

There are other numerous withdrawal symptoms that you will also detect like vomiting, restlessness, watery eyes, diarrhea, dilated pupils (are normally wide open), muscle pain, yawning frequently, irritability, anxiety, joint pains, rapid rate of the heart, weakness, high blood pressure, backaches, runny nose and fast breathing. The Oxycodone abuse withdrawal symptoms that are experienced by abusers of Oxycodone are usually very unpleasant but never dangerous to their lives.

Oxycodone AbuseWithdrawal normally occurs because the body of the abuser has become used to the drug’s effects. When the use of Oxycodone is stopped rapidly then this leads to the development of the Oxycodone abuse withdrawal symptoms.

It is also significant to understand that the withdrawal of this drug can also occur even when it is used as prescribed by the doctor. In other words, this means that even a person who is using the drug as prescribed for a long period of time will be dependent on it, hence the Oxycodone abuse withdrawal symptoms, and this shows that the symptoms do not affect the abusers only.

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